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visualVM and 6u12

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Hi All,

I tried to use the visualVM that comes with 6u12 to check out it's capabilities and got an error that it could not connect using jmx to a running 6u12 jre.
I am using windows xp sp2 and trying to connect to a web start launched application. It does show up on the "local" apps list but when selected the jConsole and the MBeans tab display the error message:

Data not available in this tab because JMX connection to the JMX agent could not be established.

Should not visualVM connect to the running jre jmx port automatically? Seems like the jmx port number should be well known.

Thanks for any tips to help me get the tool working.

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VisualVM connects to local Java applications using JMX automatically. If you can see the Threads tab for any application and the Perform GC button in Monitor tab is enabled, it means that the JMX connection works fine.

There's probably something wrong if you don't get the connection (webstart permissions?), you should check the VisualVM logfile and eventually file a bugreport at

BTW, the JConsole extension is actually just a wrapper for JConsole plugins, not the tool itself. You don't need to install it unless you want to use some JConsole plugins in VisualVM.