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jnlp files

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Joined: 2008-08-24

I have two questions on the lesson in the tutorial entitled Deploying
Java Web Start Applications, in the section entitled Creating the JNLP File.
First, in the example provided, notepad.jnlp,
there is what looks like an element, j2se
with attribute href:
<j2se version="1.6+"
Why is the element j2se not included
in the Elements and Attributes table?
Second, in the table there is an element jar
with an attribute main. What are
the expected values for the attribute main,
and what is the correct syntax for expressing them?

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Joined: 2008-08-24

In case anyone is interested, the answer to my second question is that the
expected value for the attribute main is "true" and sample syntax is
as follows:

<jar href="ActiveMathJA002.jar" main="true"/>

I found the answer in the Java
Network Launching Protocol & API Specification (JSR-56)