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Mobicents SIP Presence Service 1.0.0.BETA4 released!

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Joined: 2005-10-10

We are happy to announce Mobicents SIP Presence Service 1.0.0.BETA4!

What is new in this release?
This release introduces the Resource List Server, completing the SIP Presence Service functions. As a matter of fact every SIP Event interface now includes Resource List subscription handling, which means that it can be used for Mobicents XDM or Presence Servers. In this first release the Resource List Server has a few limitations, it only works with Mobicents XDM Server running in same JAIN SLEE host, and rls-services document do not support or elemtents pointing to external HTTP URIs.

Also new on this release is the enhancement of the Presence Server with OMA Presence Composition Policy.

Of course, this release also includes some bug fixes.

The list of Issues fixed and enhancements can be found at

The JAIN SLEE server bundled is Mobicents JAIN SLEE Server 1.2.3.GA, which in turn relies on JBoss AS 4.2.3.GA.

What is included in this release?
+-- Mobicents XDM Server standalone installed in JBoss AS + Mobicents JAIN SLEE Server (
+-- Mobicents XDM Server and Mobicents SIP Presence Servers integrated installed in JBboss AS + Mobicents JAIN SLEE Server, plus two example presence aware JAIN SLEE applications pre-deployed (
+-- Mobicents SIP Presence Service binary package that you can use to install XDM or Integrated servers in JBoss AS + Mobicents JAIN SLEE Server (
+-- Mobicents SIP Presence Service source project that you can use to build and install XDM or Integrated servers in JBoss AS + Mobicents JAIN SLEE Server (

Where to download from?

SVN source code and tag:

How to get started:
The servers that are bundled with JBoss AS just need to be started as usual.
For binary or source packages see the README file in the top directory of the zip file.
Any other directory where additional instructions are needed has its own README file.

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