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Doubts about LWUIT & MHP STB

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I'm writing from a research spanish center. I saw the demo of your javatv project and I think it

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LWUIT is a downloadable JAR file, available in the JavaTV SDK for win32, under emulator/lib/CDCPort.jar.

To reach the performance you have seen in the demo, you will need to do some optimization.
LWUIT thin porting layer allow you to do a manual integration with the underlining JVM and maybe even do some direct call to native graphic library.

LWUIT is already part of Ginga-J (Brazil DVB spec).
I expect LWUIT to be in future updates to current DTV specs (like MHP).
This means that LWUIT could be available in any MHP STB sometime in the future.

Until then you could play with it by downloading the latest LWUIT for TV.


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Thank you very much! your answer have clarified all my doubts relate to LWUIT. I hope in the future it will be included in MHP too.