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[webtier] Re: Webcontainer Session Timeout - Default Value?

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Jan Luehe

On 01/26/09 06:24, wrote:
> Thank you, Jan;
> But how/where is this configured/described? Say if i want to set it to 60 minutes to all webappliations deployed, how to do that?

The default session timeout (30 minutes) is documented in the GlassFish
Developer Guide, see

Currently, it is documented "indirectly", via the "timeoutSeconds"
session property in sun-web.xml. I could not find any documentation of
the default in web.xml, but I may not have looked in
all places. Cc'ing June.

If you wanted to change the default session timeout to 60 minutes and have
it take effect for all webapps, I suggest you add a session-config
element to
the domain's default-web.xml, as follows:


Let me know if you have any questions about this approach.



> Ivo
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