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@PostConstruct never called...

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by reading and browsing google I found several reasons for the PostConstruct method never called.
Unfortunately I could not solve it.

I created several Beans for testing:
- Stateless session bean
- Stateful session bean
- Message Driven Bean

All of those are never called their PostConstruct method.

I tried to access the beans and all business methods work fine besides the PostConstruct.

By reading the spec I found out that this annotated method should be called after dependency injection has been done even if there is no dependency to be injected.

I tried both but it doesn't work.

I use glassfish v2ur2.

Does anyone know the reason for that?

Best Regards,
Sebastian Mahr

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Please post your src code and descriptors.


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what happens if you name the method, that you want to be called after construction, ejbCreate()?? Is it called then? I had this phenomenon when I had the wrong doctype in the deployment descriptor. I had the EJB2.1 DD instead of EJB3.0.