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Please help me to add jmaki in netbeans 6.5

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Joined: 2008-11-22

i have installed jmaki plugin that is available as an update to netbeans 6.5..but when i create a web application the jmaki framework configuration window does allow me to select the template..After then if i click on jmaki on a file while editing gives me error "line no:0 invalid start=0" something like that...also i didnt get a side bar palete box which should contain DOJO object...
please help me ....
i would like to know when the plugin for netbeans 6.5 of jmaki will release..
becoz that is something which i significantly require i my bachelors project

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Joined: 2003-09-14

Hi patilanvay,

Thanks for trying jMaki. This is a new one to me. Have you tried to uninstall the plugin and install it again? It sounds to me like you have some problems with the installation. Let us know.