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Seeking programmer for work with Blu Ray

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Forgive me if i'm not allowed to post for people regarding jobs I looked on the forum but couldn't see anywhere to post or that i'm not allowed.
Please delete if I've overstepped the mark.

I've been given the green light to produce a film that when put on Blu Ray will require java to add and take away points on screen, I've asked here before to see if it's possible and I got a yes and more.

To secure the funding from the film distributor they need to see a previs example, so I'll be shooting some test scenes next weekend.
If we find someone willing to work on this the proper feature film is being shot late 2009 and would need pre production to start within a month, this means needing the programmer onboard at that point.
The film will go into 26 countries so the programmer would need to repeat what he does but in 26 languages.

We have the rights to this very successfull book, at this point I'm not allowed to say what the project is but trust me it's going to be huge, think 1980's gamebooks!!

Please let me know.

Best regards.