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From Windows Programming to Mobiles

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I have alot of programming experience in C#.NET (for Windows) and C (microcontrollers). I have been doing Java for Windows for some time (it is quite similar to C#.NET).

I would like to start writing Java applications for mobile phones. I have no experience in programming for mobiles though. What tips do you suggest, and how steep is the learning curve?

Thank you

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from the IDE point of view, I advise you to install Netbeans, because it has a very good support for doing mobile development.

I only do J2ME development as an hobby, but for me the major issue I had on the begining was understanding what all abreviations mean, CDLC, KVM and so on. This might be the steep part, get to understand the J2ME world as such.

Now for APIs, there are also a bunch of them, and each mobile supports a different set. Just play around with what your phone supports, as a learning process.

The following links should provide a starting point:

Just ask if you need some more information.

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Hi pjmlp,

Thanks for your very helpful reply. I'm also doing this as a hobby (microcontrollers have been for a while). I'll read into this in more detail soon.