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Please review template fixes

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Please review template fixes - these are CRs 6789398, 6789445, 6789389.

Changeset is:

Comments for each file.


The place where TEMPLATE_PATH was inserted inside template, instead of interview.
This is fix for 6789398.


viewConfig should be cleared in any case, not only if isEdited() and equals() methods pass. It's more safe behavoir.

In case of templateMode we should remove template path from viewConfig.templateMode means, we're going to clear Config editor (actually, it's viewConfig, to have ability to roll back to mainConfig state by [X] button). That's why consistent viewConfig should be produced by clear(boolean) before invokation of setVisible(true). mainConfig will be synchronized with viewConfig later.

This is a fix for 6789389 and part of fix for 6789445.


We shouldn't change the state of interviewParams directly, to prepare config editor. Instead, CE should adjust it's viewConfig before opening by himself, and have for mainConfig to save previous state.
Part of fix for 6789445.

Sergey Borodin

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Hard to see the scenarios for all of these, but at least some of the situations seem more logical than originally written.

Please integrate, and we'll test under real conditions.