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A porting question

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Joined: 2009-01-15

I'm new here, and I am now getting started on a project to port JAVA virtual machine on a micro device with Arc as the processor. We have developed an embedded os for this device (a camera).

We use meta developer as the compiler. If I want to port the JAVA virtual machine on my device, what should i do? The followings are my assumptions. I need to modify the Phone ME source including CLDC and MIDP. Using meta developer to compile and link the vitural machine with our embedded OS.
I know my lack of knowledge on this project. I just need to figure out the concepts of this whole porting thing. Are my assumptions correct? The Porting User's Guide are currently too difficult to me. I may consider porting WABA for the first step.

is there anyone to help me? Thanks

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Joined: 2004-07-15

Which ARC processor are you working with?

We are taking a look at working with the ARC processor but it is new to us. So maybe we could exchange information. We being the Squawk team (

Squawk is a VM that is written for resource constrained devices, while leveraging the phoneME source base as much as possible. There are some holes in our documentation that we need to fill in, but we are working on fixing that over time.

Joined: 2009-01-15

We use A5 and thank you for the reply.
I am still trying to make waba work since it's a simplified virtual machine.
Java VM porting may begin when this job is finished.
what are the holes in your documentation?