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Mobile Developer Alliance should be just the beginning

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I am a Giorgos Sarris, a developer from CrazySoft Limited.
The Mobile Developer Allince is a very good idea but we must make it bigger!


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Terrence Barr - Senior Technologist and Ambassador

Hi Giorgos,

Thanks for the post. Yes, this is indeed something that has been discussed
in various contexts already ... a very interesting idea. I view it like the
concept of an independent record label - a distribution channel that can be
part of a larger developer-focuses strategy.

Let's keep this in mind as we move the discussion along.

-- Terrence wrote:
> I am a Giorgos Sarris, a developer from CrazySoft Limited.
> The Mobile Developer Allince is a very good idea but we must make it bigger!
> I’m sure we all developers use companies that sell our products through their channels like: Handango, Handmark, Apple App Store, Motricity, Chillingo, Android Store, Mobihand and much more… All these type of companies are basically our major revenue makers but they cause us many inconveniences too like:
> • Their percentage of the total sales is too high. (30-60% for them)
> • There is a censorship on our products.
> • They don’t accept all developers. (See Apple)
> • Their high percentages make us raise the prices which hurt the customers.
> • Usually they promote the big companies or companies they prefer.
> • It’s a one way trust relationship. We have to trust them with the sales they show us every month.
> What is my idea:
> It would be great if all of us (The developers, companies and individuals), the Alliance, were united and made a “Developer Store” where we could sell our products straight to the customers without intermediates. I don’t say to stop selling from all our cooperating companies, I just propose at the same time to unite and make something of our own.
> What I propose:
> • In order to work we should create a non profitable Union for the Developers.
> No money should be made by this Store. It will not be a company. All revenue should go to the developers.
> • The Developer Store should run on the internet on the mobile devices. It should be functional like the Apple App Store and buy/download as easily as the Apple App Store.
> • The Developer Store should run directly on all mobile devices. (iPhone, PPC, Symbian, Blackberry, Palm, Android etc) and secondarily on the Internet.
> • All developers should be able to include their application without any censorship with the HALF PRICE of the price they sell on the third party companies. (For us the gain will be the same because all the revenue (100%) will go to the developers except maybe a small price (5$ per year maybe) for the maintenance costs). This way the customers will feel that they buy from the source (developer) cheap.
> • The Developer Store will be developed and maintained by its own members. We will decide how. It will be owned and ruled by all its members democratically. This is very important.
> • The way developers will include/update their software in it should be very easy and uniform for all platforms. Also the way customers see these products should be easy and uniform in all platforms too.
> • We don’t even need offices and staff. They way payments will be made can be something like an automated system of PAYPAL or something similar.
> What are your thoughts about this? The cost is nothing. All we need is some action by all of us and some money for the servers. In the worst case scenario people will not buy from our Store, but it doesn’t make any sense, since they will save 50% of the price. We will lose nothing since we will still have our third party companies and individual websites as we do now and we will gain a Union that can speak and create pressure for us all…
> If you liked the idea please spread the word in other developer forums and who knows… we may start something...
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