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Point to Point Node Hopping

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Joined: 2009-01-16

Does point to point node hopping work in JXTA ? My team is currently runnning Java full JXSE 2.5 and we are struggling trying to make this feature work. So far, the messages sent via node hop are not delivered 100% of the time. Is there a known issue outstanding? Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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Joined: 2007-01-31

Hi sauravrp,

I don't know what features of JXTA you are using to perform your duties, so I can only provide a general answer. Communication between peers is performed over the Internet, which is not always perfect. Sometimes, connections are lost, data packets disappear, etc...

By default, JXTA 2.5 does not handle such 'bumps' in the communication (it is not required to), except if you use JXTABidirectional Pipeq (assuming that sent messages < 64K). In this case, you will be garanteed that sent messages will be received in order and only once by the recipient (as long as a route between both end is available during the communication).

So either you can switch to bidipipes, or you will need to implement your own checks.