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How could a PHP developer learns JEE 5 ?

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Hi all,

I am wondering how long would it take for a person like me who is an advanced user of PHP (4 years) to learn JEE ? I knew the basic of J2SE, cause before I got recruited to company where I am now working to which heavily PHP based, I have learned J2SE 1.4 (2002).

I have experienced and developed PHP based web applications like Direct Marketing, Direct Sales, and eCommerce Applicatons. All of the projects I have worked were developed using the MVC Pattern (CodeIgniter and Zend Framework).

Right now, I am starting to learn JEE from the JEE 5 Tutorial online, since I do not know where to start.

Do you have any advice how a PHP developer can quickly learn JEE 5 ?

At which level of this learning curve can I start my new career as a JEE Developer ?

Is it possible to learn JEE without taking any course ?

Thank you very much,

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The Java tutorial is nice but lacks a pedagogical approach. It is not a tutorial but a showcase of the power of Enterprise Java. The examples are sometimes horribly coded (for example the JSF example). I suggest you to buy a good book, perhaps even for J2EE 1.4 since the concepts are the same in JEE 5 and J2EE 1.4. The book from David Heffelfinger is recommendable. (

If you want to learn something you should start with what you already know. Your experience is with HTML and HTTP gives you a great advantage if you start with the web tier. In Enterprise Java these are done in Servlets. So make some Servlets. *After* the Servlet you can experiment with JSP, custom tags, standard tag library, filters and so on. Make some HelloWorld application, for example a "webshop" or something simular you are familiair with.

Only *after* you fully understand HttpSession, JSP, Servlets and Tags you should start looking at Java Server Faces (JSF). So don't start with JSF early since it adds much complexity to the web tier. The step from JSP to JSF is easy for you since you already use the MVC pattern.

While experimenting with the web tier you might want to connect to a database. First use JDBC. When you understand JDBC you might have a look at JPA although JPA is overkill and unnecessary abstraction for most projects I worked on.

When you understand the web tier can be done in Enterprise Java you should have a look at EJB, JMS and especially the transaction model of EJB. Don't start with it since this is overwhelming if you come from PHP.

Use a proper IDE, Eclipse with Tomcat or NetBeans with GlassFish. The choice is yours :-)

Welcome to the power of JEE!