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using the secure unicast pipe

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Hi, I would like to create secure connection betwen to peers.
As i understood, both peers must be joined in the group, to establish secure unicast pipe. But I don"t understand how to exchange certificates, so secure pipe could be established.
Is it maybe done during pipe binding proces?

To make thing more clear, i do not need to be sure with whom does the peer communicating, I only need that communication to be secure (no ear dropping :)).

Regarding cryptography, I know only bases, and since jxta uses TLS i spouse that during handshake phase certificates are exchanged.

So do I need to do anything else but join group with MemberShip.join method if i want to use secure pipes.
TXH very much

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In order for secure communication to exist each peer must trust the certificates of the other peer or the peers must use certificates which are issued by a trusted root.

Commonly this means that every peer imports a single certificate which they all trust and they can then communicate with any peer as long as the peer's certificate is signed and issued by the trusted certificate.

The PSE shell commands and the PSE chapters in the programmers guide provide good examples of what's required.