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can't publish dojo.dijiti.combobox

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Joined: 2009-01-14

Hi, there.
I've got trouble in dojo.dijit.combobox. I use jMaki 1.8.1.
In /glue.js file, I wrote
"jmaki.subscribe("*onSelect", function(args) {
jmaki.log("glue.js : onSelect request from: " + args.widgetId);
,but no log written.

I just want do like plotCity sample( sample application use dojo.combox. If you use dojo.dijit.combobox in this application, it seems like publish doesn't work.

Do I misundersanding about pub/sub?

Please help me.

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Joined: 2008-11-11

Maybe you have a Yahoo Logger -widget on your jsp page. My experience have been that sometimes jMaki does not have any effect if you try to do some changes on a jsp page. If you want to change from dojo.combobox to dojo.dijit.combobox it might be better to do the whole project again.
Have you tried his version of plotCity: