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Remote control PC with mobile

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can any one tell me the main idea of developing a remote control PC with mobile program and is it applied to any type of mobiles (java mobiles, windows mobile, google os ' HTC G1', mac, and more) or for each type of mobile has different way of programing (using j2ME for sure).


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Most PC remote control apps use the VNC protocol to my knowledge.
All a PC RC app needs to be is a simple client/server design and maybe some P2P, where the server is the PC or calls are routed via P2P to the PC, where an app on the PC captures the screen and responds to the client with an efficient diff of the last screen and new screen images.

For a non-gui based RC design then you can just make something like telnet, and use standard OTS telnet servers (terminal servers) or built in Xterm for un*x/mac to communicate. See port 23 for telnet or 22 for ssh.


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Actually it's the Remote Frame Buffer protocol (RFB) that VNC software uses.

If what you want to do is remotely control a PC desktop, get VNC Server and run that on the desktop you want to share. Then get yourself a VNC Client for J2ME (looks like there's an open-source one on SourceForge: and run that on your phone. Alternatively, you can take the RFB specification and write your own J2ME client to connect to VNC servers - it shouldn't be too hard, one of my students did it as a project a few years ago. Remote control over Bluetooth might be a bit trickier though since you would need to modify the server side, and VNC isn't written in Java (as it needs some native OS calls to grab the desktop framebuffer, mouse and key events).

But if it's something specific you want to do on the PC (not generic 'control' of a PC), then it's up to you to design a server on the desktop PC side, and a corresponding client on the J2ME side...