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[webtier] Re: How to create and virtual server in GlassFish

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Jan Luehe

Hi Jeff,

On 12/28/08 18:05, wrote:
> Hi all,
> I deployed a Java application in GlassFish, this is a Bank balance inquiry and more.
> the Bank people purchased a digital certificate with Very Sign, company.
> The issue is that the certificate is issue to : but the server name where the glassfish application is installed, is name is =
> and I got an certificate error message;
> my question is; How can I relate the and create a virtual server in GlassFish, to use the application?
> Thank you in advance.

A virtual server may be configured with any number of alias names, which
may be
specified as a comma-separated list in the virtual server's "hosts"

Try specifying "" as an alias name of "".


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