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Joined: 2008-12-04

I am trying to read through squawk source code and have some questions.

Q1 Is there some document available describing vm2c annotation? For example what kind of C code gets generated when following annotation is used '@vm2c proxy( method name )'.

Q2 How does java code access C code? (I don't see any JNI being used)

Q3 Is there some Developer Help document available, that might help me understand squawk source code?

Thank you

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Joined: 2004-07-15

Q1) Documentation on vm2c
Unfortunately there isn't at this point, other than the uses we have. The GC classes are all mostly put through vm2c.

Q2) Access to C code
2 ways
- VM.execSyncIO
- New Java Native Access being added now

Q3) Is there general documentation
There is not as much as any of us would like unfortunately, which makes it very difficult for people to see how to work with the project. We have plans to do this, but we have not had the time to spend to get more out. We setup a wiki which has very little information, to hopefully grow some information.

Sorry about that, we will get to it, just not there yet :(