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problems with maven glassfish plugin

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I have a couple problems with the maven glassfish plugin:

1. When I create a domain on glassfish Windows XP using either the
or the , I can't log into the Admin
console locally at http://localhost:4848. I believe this is because the
"--passwordfile C:somedir" flag for create-domain that is auto-generated
as a result of the "mvn glassfish:create-domain" goal doesn't surround
the filepath by quotes. I turn echo on and I can't use the
create-domain command that is displayed without putting the filename in
quotes. The option is equally problematic because that
just creates a temporary password file that is later erased but still
doesn't surround the filepath by quotes.

Is this a bug or am I missing something here?

2. Minor doc error at: .
The "Fairly Complete Example" is wrong. The tag is not
spelled correctly in the example. The example shows though
it is commented out.


Jason Weden
Motorola, Inc.

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I ran into the same issues trying to follow the "Fairly Complete Example".

Maybe you could comment out the element to remove authentication at first.
Misconfigured, it can prevent you to log in even if you type good admin user & password.

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Yes, I agree with bresano. I tried the sample pom.xml and commented out ... and was able to create/start/stop the domain and update jvm-options.

If commenting out ... does not work, please post the output of "mvn glassfish:create-domain".