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PDA WM2003 CVM problems!!!

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I 'm using PDA HP IPAQ rx3400 Windows Mobile 2003.(outdated I know)
Phoneme personal profile CVM.(downloaded from davyP)

I've this CVM problem. I've successfully porting a simple "Hello World" to my PDA by Phoneme CVM. But seems like the memory usage in the CVM is too big for my PDA to handle. My memory only have approximately 5MB. And when i click at the cvm icon, nothing happened. There's no windows appeared

So, i wanna try to change the CVM memory so it can fit with my PDA.
Anyone knows how to change the code in the phoneme CVM? (the source code maybe). And which part should i change?


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Joined: 2007-01-03

Previously, I compressed my binaries with UPX to make them smaller (and use less storage
space) . It turns out that the decompressor increases the memory usage of the binary. In my
latest cabs I do not compress the exe's and dll's anymore.

The fact that you are not seeing anything when you click on CVM.exe is because
you do not have a shell installed. Normally you should get a printout of all the options that
CVM understands. I have explained the shell issue in the "Run phoneME Advanced" section
over here:

The Personal Profile had some support to have a console of its own (in wceConsole.c), but it
was rather limited (used a window of 80% of the screensize, uses reasonably big monospace
fonts, does wrapping, no scroll bars, no buffering, no working input, so you could fill the whole
window with one big line). The other profiles did not have internal console support, so you
would need a third party application like PocketConsole or the Pocket Command from the
MS PowerToys.

Because I get this question so often, I have implemented my own console which uses a
scrollable window with smaller fonts without wrapping and complete buffering. And I use it also
for CDC and Foundation Profile. There are still a few issues with it (like typing backspace to
delete a character). Hope this helps, but I must say I don't know how well Personal Profile
will work with only 5MB.