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Questions about EffectsPlayground demo

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Joined: 2003-08-24

Looking at

1) Why is it that some effects such as motion blur will get choppy if you drag the slider back and forth but CPU usage remains low? What bottleneck is causing this choppiness?

2) When I drag the applet out of the browser I notice that the non-rectangular window drags very choppy over the desktop. Why is that? Does this problem affect all non-rectangular windows or is there some problem with this specific application?

PS: I have no JavaFX experience. I'm just curious about these high-level issues.

Thank you,

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Joined: 2003-06-24

Hi Gili,

1) If the effect is being accelerated on the GPU but is bottlenecked there (e.g. due to a large kernel), it's possible that the CPU will show low utilization. We're still investigating performance issues like this, so that's the best guess I can give at this time.

2) This is a known bug in JavaFX: