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creating RDV i relay peers, 2 questions

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So I have two question.
1. I would like to create my relay/rdv peer, but i don't understand how. What i mean is: is it enough to configure the node to act as a RDV/relay with constructor of NetworkManager class, to start the JXTA network, possible set ports for each protocol and to run that peer on a static IP address, or do i need to do some programing regarding message forwarding and so on.

2. To connect peer with another peer behind firewall/NAT I need relay peer. As I understood that connection is only possible if peer behind firewall/NAT probes relay peer from time to time with HTTP request so relay can respond with HTTP response with connection information to another peer, or data from another peer. What i don't understand is how to probe the relay peer and how often.

I hope this questions do make sense :).
THX for helping

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Joined: 2008-09-22

In order to have a fully operational relay:
i) it should have a public IP address (i.e., that is visible from anywhere on the Internet),
ii) if this relay peers is located behind a NAT/router, this NAT/Router should be configured to let all communication (i.e. IP data packets) from and to the relay transit without any IP address translation (if you are not comfortable with this, ask a system/network administrator),
iii) your relay should be set as a seed in other peers (see the corresponding chapter in the book). If these three conditions are met, then peers will be able to forward messages over HTTP to peers behind the NAT.

JXTA will do that (probing) for you if you set the relay peer as a seed for the other peers. The peer will automatically probe the relay. You don't need to code anything yourself.

This is complete answer to the question... Thanks to adamman71

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1. Configuration is enough, you don't need extra coding.

2. As long as the relay peer is set as a seed in the peer behind the firewall, everything will go fine and automatically.