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how to set maximum client connection count? [solved]

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i made a small WS echoing every data received.
Starting 100 clients sending simple string and double parameters in every 50 milliseconds continuously cause Connection reset by peer
problem. Same result when starting 50 clients with time rate of 100 millisecs.
I tried to set "http.maxConnections" but nothing changed.

Would anyone be so kind as to help me with some relevant information?
Thanks in advance!

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Joined: 2003-10-07

Replacing the HTTP service provider of Sun with the Jetty-based one, the problem is solved.

The following steps should be followed:
- download Jetty build
- build j2se6 from contrib repository
- copy the result jar to the Jetty-s library
- use the lib directory as a classpath while running application.

Hope, it helps to anybody facing with the same problem.

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