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WSS1927: Error occured while decrypting EncryptedKey

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Hope this is the right place to ask this, I've been stuck on this for awhile and I'm unsure
what to try next.

With glassfish 2 and netbeans 6.5, I've setup a simple test of a webservice that works
locally and when the service is deployed on another machine, but when I add in the basic username authentication with symmetric key and deploy service to another machine I get the following errors:

WSS1927: Error occured while decrypting EncryptedKey
due to WSS1913: Key used to decrypt EncryptedKey cannot be null

However, it works fine locally. I'm new to SOAP, I'm sure its my understanding of
how glassfish uses the keys, however, I've tried a few different things.
-I've followed the basic examples that work locally just fine. Including using the
keys with the v3 cert.
-I've tried using the keys from the site below, and added them in the directories mentioned in the site and ensured the war was build with the files in the right places.

At this point, my understanding is that the cacert is the public key and the keystore
is the private key and they are encrypted with the required storepass. Although, I maybe mixing technologies up here, I'm not totally sure how these keys are used, if the body of the SOAP is actually encrypted with the public key or another method using the public key. I'm also unsure if glassfish needs to do anything with these keys, hence the need for putting them in the domain/config directory or if its okay to just have them in the META-INF directories.

Any advice on how all this works and whats required, along with why I'm seeing
this would be great. Thanks in advance.

Just an update, I found more info on how the keys are used. I'm still unclear on what glassfish does with the keys in the config file, or if this isn't needed for wsit (and can be supplied in the war of the app), but used for ssl as well.

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Joined: 2008-12-31

Was finally able to solve this problem.

Had to do with certs on client side.

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I'm having the same error on my glassfish v2, java6 with metro 1.5

what was the problem with your client?