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Is Brew taking over?

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Hi all

I love J2ME, but then I got a new verizon phone and BREW is there and J2ME is gone. The more I see verison on phones... the less I see of J2ME apps for phones. Is Brew taking over? What is the word here?

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Terrence is right about Verizon being a brew shop from the start. Since they run a CDMA network which uses the Qualcomm chip, brew comes for free on the phones. Brew is not the thing to worry about it's Verizon not supporting JavaME phones. Even their BlackBerry phones which run on Java have little to no support from Verizon, and so things like pushregistry via SMS are a big unknown. (well I know it doesn't work like standard GSM or Sprint CDMA Pushregistry.)

Beyond Verizon there is the bigger worry of Symbian. Nokia has started pushing it and using it as their choice of languages instead of JavaME. With Verizon you are only talking about 1 operator out of the dozens of operators, however with Nokia and Symbian you are talking about 1 out of a couple key manufactures for all operators. Symbian is also used by SonyEricsson, and I believe there are a few others using it (maybe samsung) so now we are talking about more vendors that could simply decide not to license JavaME, and it would literally vanish from the market in a short period of time.

Brew is very lack luster due to the difficult process and costs that developers have to go through to get their app certified, and published to the NTSL (true brew certification group). The real plus for Brew is that you can do anything you want on a phone... including bricking it. Symbian is also able to build complex apps, I'm not sure about their certification process, but I've heard it's not as difficult or costly, I think they went to a RIM or iPhone style of developer certification (99$ and you are ready to fly.) JavaME has taken the road of being difficult and costly to be certified, while providing a lack luster feature set so that you really have a hard time doing anything meaningful.

There are plenty of reasons to worry about JavaME's future, but Brew and Verizon are just small fish in that pond. However like all the other little fish in that pone they are like Piranhas and not gold fish.

Happy New Year.

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Just a quick personal observation on my part: I've noticed BREW literally disappearing from sight and discussions over the last two years. It's no longer even mentioned in most conversations on mobile platforms. As for your phone I believe that at Verizon it has been standard practice to ship BREW phones without Java ME for some time - nothing new here.

I'd be curious to hear from others.

-- Terrence