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VFSJFileChooser 0.0.4

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The VFSJFileChooser team is proud to announce the release of 0.0.4 of its file browser component. VFSJFileChooser is a JFileChooser like, Java Swing component, which allows browsing seamlessly local and remote files(SFTP, FTP, WEBDAV, etc.). The library is distributed under the Apache License.

This release is focused on usability and bug fixes. Among new features, bookmarks encryption has been added as well as i18n support.

- Bookmarks encryption support without loosing existing bookmarks.
- Added VFS URI validator for the bookmarks manager
- Added a VFS URI parser for the bookmarks editor
- Added basic i18n support(English, French, German, Spanish, Sweddish)
- Added accessors for the filechooser properties navigation panel and navigation buttons
- Fix possible NPE when setting a default button text
- Fix other possible NPE when setting custom tooltips
- Lazily initialize the filesystem manager without having to create a file chooser instance.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

VFSJFileChooser Team

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License : Apache