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Codec AMR on windows Mobile

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Good morning....

I 'm sorry for my English, i'm italian.

I'm making a midlet that achieves an audio player. Audio codec that I would use is AMR.
My midlet also shows on video devices,the codecs that it supports.
Running the midlet on S60 emulator or SUN WTK emulator, you hear the sound and the display of these emulators confirms that the codec is supported.

My big problem and I have to run this midlet on devices that have Windows Mobile as Operating System.

For this reason I downloaded the Windows Mobile 6 emulator ..... but sending running the midlet, the AMR codec is not supported and then my audio does not hear ..

Now I would like to understand things:
1- Browsing the forums I have seen different JVM as "Intent MIDlet Manager, IBM J9."
"Jeode" who say that work on Windows Mobile.

Then I would understand if the fact that my midlet not hear the sound depends on the mere fact that the emulator does not have the codec, or that Windows Mobile does not allow the KVM of use the codec of system.

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Hi Tonino,

WinMo devices have typically not supported JavaME out of the box so we have ended up with a mix of different solutions that include the IBM J9 vm, and Jeode.

However it sounds like the new Winmo system have a JVM provided. However it is up to each phone maker if they include the java features. I would be interested to know which one the emulator provides.
Here is a link to one phone that says it supports Java and has the AMR codec.

You might also see if you need to have QuickTime installed. I believe they support the AMR codec, but that Window Media player may not. So the emulator might be trying to play the sound but has no codec available on your development systems.

As with all things JavaME, you usually have to try it on the device before you know if it will work.


Joined: 2008-12-22

Tanks a lot....
You are right that you first need to install Quik Time....
Merry christmas!