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64 bit plugin and compiz

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i just finished packagin the build 02 for fedora 10 x86_64, along with the plugin.
No issue for the JavaWS part, but when trying

with compiz enabled, X locked up (for the most part).
My packaging uses the new plugin ( not the old one. also, on my part, I use the nvidia closed source driver.

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lucabotti, would you mind very briefly saying how and where you obtained the 6u14 amd64 firefox plugin? The usual mozilla plugin structure with is absent from the files installed by jdk-6u14-ea-bin-b01-linux-amd64-03_feb_2009.bin. I realize this question is off-topic, but since you apparently were able to test the amd64 plugin, you possess some key knowledge which does not yet exist in the browser-plugin documentation (which was written for 6u10 or before). Thanks.

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The plugin2 version available since 6u10 should be fairly well documented. The library name is See as well as other more official documentation.

I don't have a 64-bit browser yet, so no first-hand experience, but my understanding is that plugin2 is the only 64-bit plugin available from Sun. Which would explain why is absent.

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I could not reproduce the issue on ubuntu with compiz and nvidia. Could you get stack trace from Java when lockup happens?

If you have jdk installed, you can run jps to get all java process ids and use jstack to get stack traces.