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GUIs on Windows Mobile with phoneME and Eclipse SWT

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For those of you looking into creating a graphical user interface on Windows Mobile with
something else then AWT in phoneME Personal Profile, there are toolkits like Thinlet
( that run on top of AWT, but in the end the options for
J2ME CDC are limited. And I don't think there is already a port of LWUIT available for PBP or

After some experimenting, I was able to get Eclipse SWT to work on top of phoneME
Foundation on Windows Mobile. There are a few features missing in the SWT/WinCE port so
perhaps not every SWT interface is supported, but I could run some of the Jalimo
( SWT examples. For some screenshots and how to go about, have a look
over here:

In fact, with the SwingWT library ( that implements Swing
on top of SWT, I was able to run some simple Swing applications, but the performance
was not so great.