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sip load balancer as single entry point

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Hi All!

My team is in process of designing clustered SIP proxy application on base of HA features of Mobicents. The problem we have faced consist in different communication behaviour of various softphones (UAC).

The standard communication way for Mobicents load balancer is:
INVITE: UAC1 --> LB --> SIP Proxy --> UAC2
200: UAC2 --> SIP Proxy --> LB --> UAC1

LB - Load Balancer
UAC1,2 - Softphone configured to work via proxy. The LB is set up as proxy.

But some UACs respond not to request sender but to configured proxy server (LB in our case):
INVITE: UAC1 --> LB --> SIP Proxy --> UAC2
200: UAC2 --> LB

(SJPhone v1.65.337a with strict outboud proxy mode was used as UAC)

In that case, LB doesn't find appropriate sip transaction for the 200 response and send 500 to the UAC.

My question: is there any way to set up Mobicents load balancer as single SIP proxy server to communicate with UAC?

The desired communcation way will be as:
INVITE: UAC1 --> LB(external) --> SIP Proxy --> LB(internal) --> UAC2
200: UAC2 --> LB(external) --> SIP Proxy --> LB(internal) --> UAC1

Thank you,

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Issue created and patch committed to the trunk and 0.7.x branch. will let you know as soon as the nightly snapshot is available for testing.


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This seems to be a Mobicents Sip Servlets bug in the HA Proxy case. Please open an Issue

Thanks in advance
Best regards
Jean Deruelle

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Thank you Jean!
I'll open the issue.

Alex Bondar