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How to install JRE x64 on Ubuntu 8.10 x64?

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Joined: 2008-12-16

I just downloaded the new 64 bit JRE bin file and extracted it. Now what? How do I install it for main use and browser plugin?


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Joined: 2007-04-26

I assume you mean the new java 6u12 early access release. I've never bothered to make EA releases the system default. Do do that you would need to read up on the update-alternatives command.

To use the JRE with a command-line program you just need to arrange to call it. Should be something like /bin/java. Sometimes you can reference it directly. You can also add it to your PATH variable (possibly with a symbolic link from your ~/bin directory.) Some old-style programs may want you to set the JAVA_HOME variable to the install dir.

To use a browser plugin in Firefox first uninstall any system default java plugin, then follow the instructions for making a symbolic link in ~/.mozilla/plugins/. Here's an online version:

Just to be clear: for the 64bit browser plugin you need to be using the 64bit browser.