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Please, no job postings on this discussion board.

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Joined: 2004-02-13

I'd like to respectfully request that job postings be kept
off of this discussion forum. I think it'd be great to know
about a good jobs forum for this technology, somewhere else,
but this isn't the place.

There are (at least) two good reasons for keeping job postings
off this discussion list: poaching and distraction. If this
forum becomes a hub of people being recruited away from other
companies, then people will be asked not to participate, and
the value of the technical forum quickly declines to zero. Then,
we close it down. The distraction factor is perhaps less serious,
but also real.

On the flip side, many companies (like Sun) are having pretty
big layoffs these days, so perhaps some will find themselves
in the market looking. That's a little different case, and I've
been putting some thought into that... What I'd like to suggest
is that if someone finds themselves out of work, posting a resume
or other direct solicitation should be out of bounds. However, a short
note that one is leaving the BD-J community for a time, pending finding
another situation seems, at least to me, to strike the right balance of
civility and clarity.

Thanks for your cooperation - and again, please no job offers on this