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Glassfish server writing to /tmp on Linux by default

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We have recently started using Glassfish. We are running it on Linux.

I noticed that every time I deploy an application it creates an entry in a folder in /tmp (names something like 's1astempdomain1server').

Is there any setting in Glassfish that would allow me to change the location of this server write from /tmp to some other folder?


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This isn't actually a webtier specific problem, so it's not likely that we'll know the answer here. Please try over in the GlassFish specific forum, or on that GlassFish users alias - you'll hopefully have better luck there.

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We are having a similar problem since the files do not appear to ever be cleaned up. We are running out of disk space in /tmp. Is there a setting for how long to keep those files?

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This is actually a question, which also bothers me. I'm using glassfish-v2ur2 and when trying to remote deploy large .war (cca 70 MB) glassfish uploads this file to /tmp first. Then starts to move it and deploy, but deployment process starts before the archive is completly moved (copied?) from /tmp which is on different partition.
Deployment process fails and that's why I need to change /tmp partition for glassfish to different. But I don't know how :(