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Java Web Start working differenly in different browsers...

Posted by 4chen500 on December 9, 2008 at 12:32 PM PST

...on different machines. I have an app, called update.jar, sitting on an Apache server in my internal network. In the same directory, I have a .jnlp file called updater that looks like this:


This program updates a previously installed version.


And then for testing I am using a simple html file, index.html:

Click here to update

var minVersion = "1.5.0";
deployJava.createWebStartLaunchButton("", minVersion);

But for some reason, SOME browsers on SOME systems just display the contents of the jnlp file! On one machine, Firefox shows the text, but IE launches the jnlp.

On other, IE7 only shows PARTS of the jnlp!

On yet other systems, the jnlp file launches properly in both Firefox and IE...

I am really stumped, and don't know what to do at this point.

Has anyone else encountered this? On a side note, I am posting basically the same things on Sun's forums at:

Please help if you can!


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Re: Java Web Start working differenly in different browsers...

I didn't associate the mime types on the server software (apache, in this case).