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Record Store saving only on app close

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Joined: 2008-12-09

I need to be able to save a profile on a game I am creating, and on the wtk emulator, this works successfully. However, on my N95 handset, and a k800, the record will not register until the application has been restarted.

Is there a 'flush' esque method, or a certain way of implementation to acheive this behaviour?

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Joined: 2003-06-15

You may need to close the record store before trying to access it.
Also if you put in a record, then delete it, then put in another record, and try to access record 1 you are not going to find a record. Just because you deleted record 1 doesn't mean record 2 becomes record 1.

But so I understand you are opening the record store, adding a record, getting the record id as the return, then going to that record and it's not finding it?

FYI.. I've used record store on n95 and k800 and it works. However WTK success does not mean it will work on a device. The WTK emulator is much more forgiving than any of the device makers. ;)