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jdbc connection pool - destroying resource error , writing to socket error

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I have a webservice deployed to Glassfish V2 using a JDBC connection pool.
Error (count of 4) occurs in log file every 10 minutes after idle time expires; error shows each morning after no activity during the night

Message ID: RAR5035 - complete message: Unexpected exception while destroying restorce.
Message ID: Error while destroying resource complete message error while writing to socket.
(this message repeats again)

The ThreadID and name value pair are the same for each error
Pool settings: Inital/Min = 2

Thanks to anyone that can help with the error.

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* could you post the connection pool configuration ?
* It is possible that the database may timeout the idle connections before connection pool's idle timeout resizer removes the connection and hence the destroy operation is throwing the exceptions.
* Try enabling FINEST log level for "module-log-level" connector & resource-adapter and post the log.

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Thank you so much for responding; I'm new to using Glassfish
The "module-log-level" helped.
The database timeout for the idle connections has been changed to "never" and I'm not seeing the destroy errors now.

I still have a problem with my pool connection availablity consistency. I tested with 2 threads; each received near 500 responses then the pool became unavailable.
I hava attached a log file with the one error I can see.

database settings:
max servers = 32
available = 1
initial = 2
server idle timeout =40 minutes
connection idle timeout = 0

glassfish pool settings:
resource type = javax.sql.DataSource
initial/min pool = 2 connections
max pool = 10 connections
pool resize = 1 connection
idle timeout = 5 minutes
validation method = auto-commit
wrap JDBC objects = enabled
leak timeout = 5 seconds
leak = reclaim enabled

Any ideas for me?

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I see that you have enabled leak-tracing & leak-reclaim. [You may have to set leak-tracing timeout for a larger value]
For more details on leak-tracing :

Looking at the stack trace there seems to be a connection leak by application. Suspect code is :

* Probably you will have to fix the code that is leaking the connection.
* When your pool is unsresponsive, do you see any error message (other than the one you have attached) ? If you dont see any exception, please post the jstack (thread dump) of appserver process.