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Meframework Lincense Model.

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My company has developed JSR for JavaMe stack, which is in public draft stage, we are planning to include Meframework as component in TCK Bundle .We wish to know lincesing terms and anwsers to other issues we have .I wish concern authority gives the e-mail address , we could address direclty.

Thanks for reading the blog..

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Joined: 2004-11-16

Hi Murali,

Also, there is some additional info on this subject in our FAQ:

Q: What are the licensing terms?

A: ME Framework is licensed under the GNU Public License, version 2, with the Classpath Exception. See the licensing section of the download page for more information.

Sun also provides the ME framework in binary form for free under a Sun standard commercial license if you want to base your products on the binary form of the ME Framework.

Q: What is the classpath exception?

A: The classpath exception was developed by the Free Software Foundation's GNU/Classpath Project (see It allows you to link an application available under any license to a library that is part of software licensed under GPL v2, without that application being subject to the GPL's requirement to be itself offered to the public under the GPL.

Q: Why do you need the classpath exception?

A: If the ME Framework was distributed under GPL v2, that application could be subject to the requirements of the GPL that all code that is shipped as part of a "work based on the [GPL] program" also be GPL licensed. Accordingly, a GPL license exception is needed that specifically excludes from this licensing requirement any application that links to the GPL implementation. The classpath exception accomplishes this.

Joined: 2004-11-16

Hi Murali,

This is excellent news, we're glad to hear that you and your company found our tools useful!

I'll respond to you in a private email as well, providing some contact emails for direct communication, but first I'd like to outline the available options, and they might be of interest to a wider audience:

1. Our tools (including both JTHarness and ME Framework) are available under open source license GPL2 *with* classpath exception. This is a very liberal licensing scheme, that makes it possible to ship the tools as part of 3rd party commercial products without 'tainting' such products with GPL2.

2. We also provide commercial license on case-by-case basis for those who still can't use GPL2+Classpath exception.

For the first approach, you don't really need to do anything beyond what you are already doing: bundle JTHarness and ME Framework, along with their sources and GPL2+Classpath exception license into your product.

As for the second approach, your company and Sun would need to talk and come up with terms that satisfy both companies. This might also cover some additional commercial support from us if you need it.

P.S. Please note that I'm not a layer, and I can't really give authoritative legal advice, so for all leagal matters you would really double check with your company's lawers, as usual.