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Object serialisation in Squawk

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Is it possible to serialise objects in Squawk? I'm writing a communication protocol for SPOTs and it would be great if I could do send(Object) rather than require clients to serialise/deserialise objects to byte arrays or introduce an interface similar to Serializable that all objects must implement.


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It may be plausible to reuse the mechanism used for Isolate serialization for this purpose, but with the same restrictions: both the sender and receiver must have the same versions of the suites loaded.

To see how to implement this, look at and Isolate.load() in:

In save() you'll see that it calls "VM.copyObjectGraph(this)", where this (the isolate) is the root of the object graph to copy. You would use a different root.

You may not want to hear this :-), but it would be pretty simple to hack this in, and you are in a better position to test it out.

If you'd like the team to implement it you can add a feature request.