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Multiple TagClouds

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I've just started using jmaki and i need some help setting up this 3 tagcloud widgets with different styles, it seems the CSS link is found inside the json file and i get to customize them editing the style>theme>css, but any change applies to all three tagclouds. I've tried renaming the whole folders and links but i must be missing something.

Any good souls out there?
thank you

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Joined: 2003-07-31

Hi Bvaroni,

The later versions of the TagClouds allow you to chance the theme by providing a theme via the args: example: args="{ theme : 'kame' }" where theme can be 'ocean', 'kame', or 'orange' I beleive.

The new theming information is also included as part of the tag cloud widget.

So my question for you is what version of the tag cloud widget are you using?

You can find out by looking at:

/resources/jmaki/tagcloud/widget.json and seeing the "version" property.


Joined: 2008-11-29

thanks alot Greg for responding,

I have "version" : "0.5", I can change the theme by changing that arg, by doing that it will link the widget to the corresponding theme's .css.

Inside that CSS I can fully customize the widget's appearance, but if i have 2 or more tagclouds in the same page, they seem to share this common .json and the CSS properties.

I want to have 3 different looking TagClouds, i tried duplicating the Entire JMAKI>TAGCLOUD folder and renamed the files and links but it keeps telling me this new names are not found in the component.js, no matter what i do.

Any hints on how to get this done?

Thanks in advance.


ps- something i was wondering is that the TagClouds item list is specified inside the index.jsp, but there is another list inside the widget.json. This json list dont need to be changed, but I did and it seems it only needs one item for the widget to work properly, something like this:
[u] (.json)
[/u] "items" : [
{ "label" : "jMaki", "weight" : 70},

Any implications I should know about reducing this .json list to one line only?