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How to enhance the performance of jmaki ??

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Joined: 2008-04-07

Hi :
I use a dojo.etable to load about 300 rows to a this table dynamically.
But it token a very long time to do it (for several minutes).
How can i to enhance the performance of jmaki ??
Please help me..

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Joined: 2003-07-31

Hi YummyChen,

The performance here is not jMaki but the underlying libraries. I would consider using a library that supports clientside pagging.

There are two options you can use.

1) Consider the Dojo Diji Grid. It is much better at loading large datasets and it has the same functionality of the Dojo Etable and clientside paging.

2) Consider the Yahoo Datatable widget. It is also better than the Dojo Etable at dealing with large datasets and clientside paging.


Joined: 2008-04-07

Hi Greg :

Thanks for your reply.
If i want to use the jqGrid for inline edit issue?
How can i to create a new widget for jqGrid?
Do you have any document about it?