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cross domain presence

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I am trying to get the presence server to work in a cross domain environment. What I see in traces in that, when the presence server gets a subscribe message for a user A on the presence of user B, and user B is registered on the presence server the presence server sends out a notify to inform A of the presence status of B.

When B is not registered on the presence server the notify is not send, or an empty is send. I am not sure.

But what if B is in another domain? Should the presence server in A's domain subscribe to the presence of B at the presence server in B's domain? Or should A subscribe directly to the presence server in B's domain?

At this moment I see the IMS core (which I am using in front of the presence server) routing the subscribtion to the presence of B routed towards the presence server (based upon the IFC) but nothing happens because B is never registered at the presence server.

Should this subscription be routed further by the presence server? Is this something that can be configured?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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I need to confirm this in specs, but I think routing is a task of CSCFs, which would mean that the SUBSCRIBE pointing to user B should go to the network (and presence server) where user B is registred, etc.