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location of graph.prf

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Joined: 2008-05-19

I want to get graph.prf to optimize the system's bottlenecks, following the step described in Porting Guide
1 build cldc release version with ENABLE_WK_PROFILER to true
2 build Java Wireless Client software with USE_JAVA_PROFILER to true
3 specify +UseExactProfiler when start the Java Wireles Client software

I have done all the 3 steps and and when i run the midlet, the control comes in dump_and_clear_profile_data() function in WTKProfiler.cpp but somehow I am not able to find where the file graph.prf is generated.

Can anybody help in finding out this?

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Joined: 2006-09-25

by default the VM profile is stored in graph.prf file in the current directory.
This default location can be changed by setting "profiler.filename" property.
The property can be set with a call to JVMSPI_SetSystemProperty().

Also you can try to generate VM profile by running the standalone VM.