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How to add a "onClick" event to dojo.combobox

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Hi :

I have two combobox on a page.
The items of one combobox will be filtered by the other combobox's selected value.
So i need to change the items dynamically.
I need to add a "onClick" event to a dojo.combobox.
How can i do it?
I need help.

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Hi YummyChen,

This blog entry by Jennifer covers this topic in detail. Find it here:

Let us know if there are any parts that don't work.


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Looks like we're not getting a call back from _selectOption in the combobox. I was looking at this today and the wrapper is not getting notification that a new item has been selected. I see that for the spinner you over wrote a function and so you get the notification but you also handle updating the widget.