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Developer Days Feedback Tool

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Hi Developer Days Planning Team,

My name is Paul Wilson and I am a student at Stanford University and I
wanted to share with the Java Mobile. Media and Embedded Developer
Days a feedback tool that I am working on with some fellow students
called HaveASec.

We have been to many tech conferences in the valley, and we have been
surprised to see that in 2008 paper surveys are still in use. HaveASec
allows conference organizers to collect similar feedback directly from
the cell phone and laptops of each attendee. It is more environmental
friendly, more cost effective (no need to enter the data manually,
etc.), and much faster since the results are available in real time.

In the academic world, students at Stanford University and
administration at Fred Hardeman University are using the tool. As I
love the Java community, I would like to give the Developer Days free
access to the tool.

To give you a better idea, we have created a few example surveys for
you. Just visit the following links on your computer, iPhone,
Blackberry, Android or any web capable mobile phone:

Feedback for speaker:

Feedback for overall conference:

You can also see a video on our website by visiting
on your computer (the website is geared more towards mobile surveys,
but the tool is a complete survey solution as users can not only
respond from phones but also their computers). I attached a
screenshot to give you an idea of how the results will look like.

Let us know if you have any questions about the tool. We can help you
set up an account and survey (both designed to be very fast) if you
have any problems (you can also use our demo account user:demo