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creating widget using javafx

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Joined: 2004-12-15

I am very new to javafx .
I have created one restful webservice which give me product catalogue.

Would like to know how to create desktop widget, using javafx ,
which can get data from my RESTful web service published on intranet of my company.

Using netbeans ( OS is winXP ) I have tried some example and found that FX file run with in window having window title of win-XP . I would like to remove these OS
window from my widget . I tries widgetFX but it requiered widgetfx doc to install
on desktop.

I have seen one demo on youtube of SUN system in which user drag and drop the javafx component from browser to desktop , closes the browser and run the shortcut that was created by dragnDrop . It run again without browser.

How can we do this . I need the same functionality for my project.

Thanks in advance . It will be great help for me.

Rajnish Chauhan

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Joined: 2008-06-16

You can create an undecorated frame by setting the Stage's style variable. You want to use one of the undecorated styles.

The ability to drag an applet out of the browser is accomplished by simply checking off "Draggable Applet" in the project's properties.