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SMS Layout Screen Animation

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Joined: 2008-11-22

Hi, I'm a newbie here.
I have a plan to make a project about SMS layout screen animation with Net Beans.
I try to explain it;
Most of mobile phone have plain screen for sms. And I wanna make its layout screen with animation.
Is it possible to make it so? If yes, does it need database with Canvas?

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Joined: 2003-06-15

Hmm.. Not exactly sure I understand what you are looking to do, but let me see if what I think I'm hearing you say is correct.

You think the built-in SMS message system for most phones is lame. (couldn't agree more) :)
You want to write your own with much cooler effects (wouldn't we all) :)

Can't be done. The reason is that as JavaME developers we can't hook into the default SMS port for security reasons. (sure Microsoft C# can on WinMobile, but we know how their 3rd party developers can be trusted.. they would never write viruses.) 8^o
Then next, we can't get to the SMS data base of messages. While you can get to the address book information, and the filesystem (parts anyway), the SMS information is off-limits.

Some exceptions, RIM I believe has some SMS APIs that you might be able to build an app there, and Android may have similar support.

Now this is not to say you can't build your own SMS system, that could send messages on their own ports, and launch your midlet with pushregistry but this would be limited to your customers that had this special app. The interesting thing is that people without your app could still get the message in the built-in app, but if they replied it would go into the built-in app on the reply end phone as well, and not your app.

If I mis-understood what your are trying please restate and we'll give it another go.


Joined: 2008-11-22

k, let me explain again.
I'll make an SMS Layout Screen Animation. My application has a limit. Its only a layout screen. So I don't have to test it to send sms to other device(s).
And my application should have a tiny object that flying on top of the screen or something like that. and if the user starting to type letters the letters should have colourful.
And, does it need database?