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[webtier] Woodstock / NB6.5 / Alternatives

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Given that Woodstock is dead, and that NB6.5 has shipped with the same borken Woodstock libraries, and the bugs that I found with
Woodstock bundled with NB6.1 are still present, can anyone suggest the best approach to satisfy the following requirement:

- I need to build JSF pages in NB that include rich components, in particular rich tables and "add/remove" lists;
- I need libraries and a source project that are documented, relatively complete, and not abandoned

Bluntly, I am having difficulty explaining to my management why so much time is being lost coming up against significant bugs in
third-party libraries as we develop in-house products, and I really do not have the time to commit weeks of development to Yet
Another Broken FrameWork, only having to back out when the "won't fix/can't fix" bugs show up.

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Joined: 2008-11-21

I would recommend RichFaces as a JSF library. I have used them all (ADF, ICEFaces, MyFaces Tomahawk, etc.)
The current release of RichFaces (3.2.2) is very stable. There is IDE support, great integration with Seam, Facelets support.
We use it in our company for multiple web projects.
They are very progresive and have some cool new projects in the pipeline from Exadel which allow JSF and Flex intregration.
They have a demo site which shows all the components with the jsf source, java source, and developer guides links. Pretty easy to get started with.

Joined: 2004-09-26

Have you looked a the Oracle ADF Faces kit?

Based on a recent interview with the Java Posse, Oracle's making a pretty big bet on JSF and this component library -- even used in their Financials app -- so it's not as likely to disappear soon.

That said, I haven't used it -- still living with Struts 1.x -- so I can't comment intelligently on its real-world performance.