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JavaFX interpreter for applet

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Hi. I'm looking for a scripting engine interpreter for an applet. Essentially I wan't to get the game code non compiled just being plain text. I've ran into some troubles.

What javafx*.jar in the netbeans/javafx/lib files are required. Since as it is now I need to send them over with the applet. Currently i'm just trying to pass off various jpct components. do I need the javafxc.jar. ticking in at about 6mb is a little large.

I can't get the interpreter to run at all. I assume in part it has to do with not running through netbeans. So what would I need to include in my class path to do it.

ScriptEngine fxEngine = mgr.getEngineByExtension("fx");
is returning a null value. I have read that this setting is in the manifest. Is there a work around.

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Joined: 2007-11-15

You need javafxc.jar to use the ScriptEngine. Basically the scripting-engine compiles the scripts on-the-fly and runs the compiled code. Therefore you need the whole compiler and that's why it is 6mb.

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Here is the code that uses the javafx compiler to compile and run plain text:

Use [b]ProjectManager.runFXCode(...)[/b] method.