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Mobicents Media Server 1.0.0.CR3 Released!

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We are happy to announce release of Mobicents Media Server All (MMS) v1.0.0.CR3

This mobicents-media-server-all-1.0.0.CR3 binary is having
* Mobicents Media Server
* Examples for Mobicents Media Server
* Controllers which includes MGCP controller and Media Server Controller which is local (in JVM) controller for MMS
* Resource Adaprors required by examples
* Mobicents Media Server Management Console to manage the endpoints/connections of MMS via web. Available at http://localhost:8080/mms-console

This is complete Media Server which includes the JBoss AS 4.2.3.GA and Mobicents Core Server (JAIN SLEE 1.2.2.GA).

Highlights of 1.0.0.CR3
1) This is a bug fix release of CR3.
2) One of the important bug fix is media packets arriving at UA in short span of time and over fills jitter buffer causing audio distortion. Look at
3) Enhanced the MSC API and added getMsLinks to MsProvider
4) MsLink now works in half-duplex mode
5) If Application tries to use Endpoint with Package that it doesnt support the MsNotification listener gets event warning that package is not supported with error message in logs.
6) As usual fixed other bugs related to functionality and performance
7) mms-console now shows the active Endpoints and number of connections that each may be holding with option to destroy them forcefully. Option to start / stop / destroy server from console.

Where to download from?

The distribution can be found on The binary package is

Source repositories:





How to get started & Media Server Documentation
----------------------------------------------- - Chapter 8

Looking forward to your feedback:

Mobicents Media Server Team